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Nuovo Camp Cot Changing Station (Free Shipping)

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Nuovo Camp Cot Changing Station (Free Shipping)
Nuovo Camp Cot Changing Station (Free Shipping)
Nuovo Camp Cot Changing Station (Free Shipping)
Nuovo Camp Cot Changing Station (Free Shipping)

This multi function camp cot and changing statio is a mommies and daddies most ideal and needed baby product. This Nuovo camp cot doubles as a changing table too. This camp cot can be used as a side cot for next to the bed if you are co-sleeping. This Nuovo camp cot and changing station is a premium product used for babies from birth till 3 years. This camp cot satisfies both babies and parents needs. Use as a changing station, camp cot play area, relax time area and more. This product fits the lifestyle of modern parents on the move. It is easy to assemble and disassemble and will be a time saver when those precious baby moments count. This dual cot and changing station have a collapsable frame and is light weight for moving. This product travels well and can be used on holiday, as a spare for the grandparents house or as a sleeper in the garden or office while you work and play.  


    Additional changing table feature
    Soft cushions for comfort
    Perfect height for bending to put baby in and take baby out
    Stores easily and folds us to half its size
    Collapsable frame
    Easy to lift and clean 
    Can be used indoors and outdoors 
    Can be used as storeage space when not being used for other baby goods 
    Can be used from birth till 3 years old
    2 x Wheels for easy moving with brakes for stability
    Round edges for safety 
    Side pocket for storage 
    Side net (mesh) for clear view monitoring 


What comes in the box:

    1 x Bed mattress base
    1 x Changing mat
    1 x Extra canopy layer 
    1 x Carry bag
    1 x Changing table feature

 Packaging Dimensions:

    25cm x 25cm x 80cm 

Product Dimensions:

        414cm x 83cm x 76 cm

Packaging Weight:

        NW 10KG (PRODUCT)
        GW 11KG

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