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Nuovo Tummy Time Pillow - Blue (Free Shipping)

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Nuovo Tummy Time Pillow - Blue (Free Shipping)
Nuovo Tummy Time Pillow - Blue (Free Shipping)
This tummy time baby pillow is a quick and safe way for your baby to play and learn. From 1 month use this to teach your baby about tummy time. This soft cushion, half sphere in shape is ideal to use under the babies underarms and allows them to have tummy time while playing. This set also includes 3 baby friendly toys to assist baby with stimulation during tummy time. This product is small, easy to use and folds up compactly to fit into your nappy bag so can be taken with you and used anywhere. 


    Soft cushion 
    Half sphere shape 
    Colourful with baby friendly material 
    Can be hand washed and left outside to dry 
    Has space for toys 

What comes in the box:

    1 x Baby tummy time cushion 
    3 x Plastic toy hooks 
    3 x toys ( 1 rattle you)

Packaging Dimensions:

    30cm x 9cm x 26cm 

Product Dimensions:

    33cm x 9.5cm x 43cm 

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