Book 6 When The Earth Thunders Paperback

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Book 6 When The Earth Thunders Paperback
Book 6 When The Earth Thunders Paperback


When The Earth Thunders Book 6 of the Wild and Dangerous Adventure Series - Author Graham Vivian Lancaster

Each book has 3 short stories.

Fast and exciting, ‘When The Earth Thunders,’ with Darryl and S’bu is the sixth book in the action packed ‘Wild And Dangerous’ series.

Bravery Awards And The Kruger National Parkr

After receiving their Purple Bar awards, S’bu and Darryl are invited on game capture in the Kruger National Park.

Rhino Capture

Rhino are captured for relocation to other parks. All goes well until - - -

When The Earth Thunders

“You will be called in time of great danger, of great smoke and dust that hides the earth from the light of the sun, and the earth will thunder,” Makosi Amakulu warns Darryl and S’bu.

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