7 in 1 Solar kit - Changeable Solar Equipment Toy (Free Shipping)

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7 in 1 Solar kit - Changeable Solar Equipment Toy (Free Shipping)
7 in 1 Solar kit - Changeable Solar Equipment Toy (Free Shipping)
7 in 1 Solar kit - Changeable Solar Equipment Toy (Free Shipping)
7 in 1 Solar kit - Changeable Solar Equipment Toy (Free Shipping)
7 in 1 Solar kit - Changeable Solar Equipment Toy (Free Shipping)

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This amazing solar science project gives children the opportunity to build five surprisingly fast vehicles and a recharging station that can transform from station mode to truck mode. Put the recharging station into truck mode to charge the included micro power pack from 2 AAA batteries, if the sun doesn’t cooperate, or keep it in station mode to recharge using the power of the sun. Children who love to build will enjoy the snap together assembly of each vehicle, while everybody will be excited to see how fast each vehicle can actually travel.

Construction doesn’t require any paint or glue. Every piece snap’s easily together, the moulded plastic pieces are already coloured, and there is even a sheet of peel and stick decals for finishing each solar powered vehicle. Instructions include steps to make a ramp out of two of the moulded plastic pieces and a section of the box, so once the concept car and concept racer are assembled, kids can see how much air they can get off the ramp.

The dump truck and bulldozer may not be as flashy on the ramp, but they can have their wheels facing straight forward or pivoted to go in circles. When the Rechargeable Solar Transformers lose their power, they can be quickly recharged to run another 50-60 seconds.

 A model car kit is a great toy that has a long history of entertaining children all over the world. There is an added satisfaction when the children are allowed to power the model, and watch it actually go! Solar powered with a rechargeable battery is the name of the game, teaching children the discipline of modelling with the added scientific advantage of energy and science. Description: Build seven different models of vehicles, one at a time. You can create a standard car, concept car, concept racer, dump truck, bulldozer, or solar car, and recharge any of them with a solar charging station! This toy kit is recommended for children who are eight to ten years of age or older, and it's a solid learning tool made of safe and durable parts.

Product Features

  • Transforms into 7 different models of vehicle that are great fun to assemble.
  • Solar powered and rechargeable, giving children insight into the possibilities of alternative energy!
  • Assembling the model is just the start of the process - the best part is powering the toy with solar energy!
  • Learning about alternative energy and environmental responsibility is a great side-benefit of this amazing toy!
  • Batteries included so you can get going
  • Recommended for ages 8+
  • Educational
  • Scientific and fun
  • Built it yourself
  • Green energy
  • Instruction manual included


  • Solar Car: 3cm x 4cm x 7cm
  • Concept Car: 2.5cm x 4cm x 7cm
  • Dump Truck: 4cm x 4cm x 7cm
  • Bulldozer: 5cm x 4cm x 9cm
  • Concept Racer: 2.5cm x 4cm x 10cm
  • Truck: 4cm x 4cm x 7cm

Package Includes:

  • 2 × Plastic pressed kits
  • 1 × pack Stickers
  • 1 × Gear
  • 4 × Wheels
  • 1 × Shaft
  • 3 × Sponges
  • 1 × Gear with Shaft
  • 1 × Solar Panel
  • 1 × Battery Case
  • 1 × Micro Rechargeable Battery
  • 1 × Instruction Manual

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  1. This product is not suitable for children under 8 years old.
  2. This product contains small parts.
  3. This toy should be used under adult supervision.
  4. The packaging box contains important information and should be reserved. All packaging materials, such as tape, plastic sheets, packing locks and tags are not a part of the toy and should be discarded for your child’s safety.

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